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Tactical Weapon Kit

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Echo Flashlight

  • 1000 Lumens
  • Zoom-able
  • Rechargeable and Regular Battery
  • 300 Yard Focused Beam Distance
  • Five Modes (High, Med, Low, Strobe, SOS)
  • 12 Hour Continuous Run Time (High)
  • IPX-5 water resistant
  • Includes One (18650) Lithium Rechargeable Battery & USB/AC Combo Charger
  • Includes Battery Adapter to Accept Three (AAA) Batteries
  • Includes Removable Belt-Clip
  • Includes Protective Carry/Storage Case

Rail Mount

  • Tactical, lightweight, durable, anodized aluminum construction
  • Removable size inserts
  • Holds any flashlight between 1″ and 1.18″ diameter
  • Holds any flashlight between 25mm and 30mm diameter
  • Attaches to any standard, universal, Picatinny, or weaver rail system

Echo Filter Set

  • Set of three – Red, Blue, Green
  • Tactical, flexible, rubber construction
  • Simple push on-off design
  • Scratch-resistant polymer plastic lens
  • Uniquely designed to fit Eagle Beam Echo Flashlight


ECHO – The combination of size, power, and battery options create an exceptionally convenient and portable flashlight option!  Featuring a powerful and efficient CREE LED, the Echo model flashlight is powered by a single rechargeable lithium battery. One unique feature of the Echo is the ability to recharge its’ lithium battery without removal! A micro USB charging port is conveniently located on the side of the flashlight exposed by zooming out the nozzle head. Another unique feature of the Echo is the ability to also be powered from alkaline AAA batteries. These make a great back-up to the lithium battery and provides extra run-time and versatility in the field and multiple situations. A charger and handy protective storage case complete the package and make the Echo flashlight the ideal model for everyday use, go-to work light, carried in the car or in the purse, or as a lightweight gun accessory.  Need versatility, portability, and re-usable performance? Reach for the Eagle Beam Echo!

WEAPON MOUNT – Attach an Eagle Beam Endurance or Echo to your favorite gun! The Eagle Beam Flashlight Weapon Mount will attach your flashlight to any gun equipped with standard tactical rail mounts, including Picatinny and Weaver rails.  The simple single hex screw attachment allows for quick removal and installation; universal compatibility makes the weapon mount perfect for any assault rifle (AR), AK, or tactical shotgun. If you’re any type of gun enthusiast, military/law enforcement personnel, a doomsday prepper, or self-defense patron than attaching your Eagle Beam Flashlight to your gun of choice, starts right here with the Eagle Beam Flashlight Weapon Mount!

ECHO FILTER SET – Color Lens Filters add even more awesome applications to the Echo Flashlight! Red, Green, and Blue lens filters offer a multitude of uses for hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, stargazers, turtle-viewers, campers, map-readers, and more. Red and Green lenses offer lighting options that are invisible to most predator and game animals’ visible spectrum. Blue lenses provide enhanced views of blood. Red lenses offer the ability to illuminate, without ruining a persons night vision. Additionally, red lenses prevent self-blinding on marine, auto, and other reflective surfaces. Whether it’s gator-huntin’, an astronomy lesson, or just a family camping trip, if you’re bringing along your Eagle Beam Echo, make sure you have the Echo Filter Set!