Large Flashlight Holster

||Large Flashlight Holster

Large Flashlight Holster


  • Durable, Nylon construction
  • Velcro-secured closure
  • Belt Loop feature
  • Metal carabiner/key ring feature
  • Tactical molle system compatible
  • Holds: Eagle Beam Endurance & Eagle Beam Escape


The perfect way to transport, carry, and protect large Eagle Beam Products. These holsters attached to belts, backpacks, carabiners, and all tactical molle systems.

Holsters are a great way to prevent scratching and sliding around when storing Eagle Beam products in your vehicle, boat, or RV. The secure Velcro closure prevents flashlights from falling out – no matter how how extreme the movement. Whether you’re storing an Escape in your RV door, or taking your Endurance backpacking, make sure you do it right – use the Eagle Beam Large Holster!

*Flashlight not included

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