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Explorer Headlamp Filters


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  • Set of three – red, blue, green
  • Tactical, anodized aluminum, construction
  • Secure screw-on/off design
  • Scratch-resistant polymer plastic lens
  • Uniquely designed to fit Eagle Beam Explorer Headlamp

Out of stock

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Color Lens Filters add even more awesome applications to the Explorer Headlamp! Red, Green, and Blue lens filters offer a multitude of uses for hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, stargazers, turtle viewers, campers, map-readers, and more.

Red and Green lenses offer lighting options that are invisible to most animals visible spectrum.

Blue lenses provide enhanced view of blood.

Red lenses offer the ability to illuminate, without ruining a persons night vision. In addition, red lenses prevent self blinding on marine, auto, and other reflective surfaces.

Whether it’s night fishing, a beach turtle viewing, or just a late night barbecue, if you’re using the Eagle Beam Explorer, make sure you have the Explorer Filter Set!

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

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