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Emergency Kit

Original price was: $124.97.Current price is: $109.99.

Escape Flashlight

  • CREE LED Focus Beam Flashlight
  • White Lantern
  • Red Lantern
  • 3400 mAh USB/micro USB power bank
  • 6 hour continuous run-time
  • Battery-Free design
  • 500 Lumens
  • Includes one USB/Wall combo charger
  • Includes Emergency glass break feature
  • Includes safety seat belt cutter feature
  • Includes compass

Endurance Flashlight

  • 1200 Lumens
  • Zoom-able
  • Regular Alkaline Battery
  • 350 Yard Focused Beam Distance
  • Five Modes (High, Med, Low, Strobe, SOS)
  • 72 Hour Continuous Run Time (High)
  • IPX-6 water resistant
  • Includes Three (C) Duracell Pro Batteries

2 Large Holsters

  • Durable, Nylon construction
  • Velcro-secured closure
  • Belt Loop feature
  • Metal carabiner/key ring feature
  • Tactical molle system compatible
  • Holds: Eagle Beam Endurance & Eagle Beam Escape


  • 360 Lumens
  • 9 Hour Continuous Run Time
  • Single Mode
  • IPX-6 Water Resistant
  • Includes Two (AAA) Batteries


ESCAPE – Our most unique and innovate product yet!  The Escape model is so much more than a flashlight – it’s a combination of a flashlight, two lanterns, an escape tool, and a power bank. Both the flashlight and lanterns use genuine CREE LED’s, but the most exciting feature is the Escape’s solar rechargeable capability! This product can also be charged via a wall outlet or any USB device.  All of these features make the Escape an essential emergency/survival tool and should keep in all your vehicles, while the solar recharge-ability and power bank aspects create a multitude of extra uses outside of that. Perfect for travel, boats/RVs, or any outdoor activity, the Escape allows you to capture energy from the sun, wall outlet, or any USB device, store that energy, and then use it to power all your devices on the go – anytime, anywhere! A must-have for emergency kits, preppers, and bug-out bags, the Escape tool will reduce your carbon footprint, lower your electricity consumption, and provide a go-to tool that is valuable in both everyday and emergency situations.  Need a flashlight/lantern that can keep your phone charged, light up your workspace, and even save your life?  Make sure you have your Eagle Beam Escape!

ENDURANCE – The longest running and most dependable flashlight on the market!  Featuring our most powerful CREE LED, the Endurance is powered by 3 alkaline C batteries (non-rechargeable).  The greatest strength of the Endurance is its unparalleled run time; over 72 continuous hours on high! This product is ideal for emergency situations such as hurricanes, roadside emergencies, and power outages. It also our preferred model for anything off grid such as extended camping or hunting trips, and bug-out/prep bags. The Endurance is the perfect flashlight to leave in storage for extended periods due to its alkaline C batteries’ 10-year shelf-life!  This makes it the ideal model to keep in your boat or RV. Need maximum power, reliability, and run-time? Reach no further than the Eagle Beam Endurance!

2 LARGE HOLSTERS – The perfect way to transport, carry, and protect large Eagle Beam Products. These holsters attached to belts, backpacks, carabiners, and all tactical molle systems. Holsters are a great way to prevent scratching and sliding around when storing Eagle Beam products in your vehicle, boat, or RV. The secure Velcro closure prevents flashlights from falling out – no matter how extreme the movement. Whether you’re storing an Escape in your RV door or taking your Endurance backpacking, make sure you do it right – use the Eagle Beam Large Holster!

E-PEN – Small size and huge power is the claim to fame for the E-Pen! It’s a mini light the size of an ordinary pen, powered by two alkaline AAA batteries, and with the help of its single CREE LED produces power equivalent to flashlights five times its size!  The E-Pen is a handy light to have with you at all times – ideal for travel, work, or everyday needs. Perfect to keep in your shirt, pocket, purse, vehicle, or toolbox.  Need super bright light without all the weight? Grab your Eagle Beam E-Pen!